Child Protection and Pastoral Care

The concept of pastoral care runs through all the strands of the inclusive community that is Harberton School.  All members of staff, operating within the Staff Code of Conduct, have a pastoral responsibility towards the children in their care and take all reasonable steps to ensure their welfare is safeguarded and their safety preserved.

In Harberton we recognise that it is every child’s right to be heard, listened to and taken seriously and to be consulted.

The Personal Development component of the NI Revised Curriculum is used to address pastoral care issues through class teaching and extra curricular activities. In addition, the Pastoral Care system outlined in the Pastoral Care Policy allows other discreet issues to be addressed through partnerships with parents and other agencies.

All Child Protection issues are managed by the Designated Teacher, Mrs. V Kelly VP, or the Deputy Designated Teachers. Mrs C MacDonald, Mrs U Reid,  Mr B Grew and Mr R McAllister.



A copy of our safeguarding policy can be accessed here