International Links      

Harberton School is very proud of its international links and of our involvement in the Erasmus project.

Harberton Schoool is currently involved in a two year Erasmus project with 4 schools: Parkview Special School in Lisburn, St John Paul II Primary School in Lublin in Poland and Sodertorns Friskola Seconday School in Stockholm.


The project aims to educate teachers in the education system and culture of other cities/countries. There is also a focus on inclusion within education. Teachers are keen to observe how children with additional learning needs are included effectively in teaching and learning. In October 2015 Harberton hosted representatives from each school for a week. They were provided with a wide range of educational experiences and had the opportunity to explore and learn about the culture of our city.


In March 2016, nine members of Harberton staff went to Poland where they were hosted by St John Paul II Primary School in Lublin. Here staff members had the opportunity to visit a wide range of educational settings including, a school for the visually impaired, a school for the hearing impaired, schools for children with severe learning difficulties and an adult day care centre. In May 2016 two members of Harberton staff went to Sweden where they were hosted by Sodertorns Friskola Seconday School, Stockholm. Again they were provided with educational experiences including a visit to the Swedish National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools.


We are now into our second year of the project which will see Parkview host representatives from each school in October, another visit to Sweden in February and the project with end with a conference in Poland in May 2017. The project has provided staff members with valuable experiences and opportunities which has broadened understanding and knowledge of education and teaching and learning in other European countries.