Principal's Welcome


Welcome to our website. I hope that the content will give you some idea about the aims, values and ethos of our school. The mission statement portrays our belief that ‘what is best for our pupils’ underpins the decision making process at Harberton.

Here at Harberton we welcome children, their parents and carers and their extended families into a friendly, happy, supportive and caring environment where great importance is placed on the well being of all of the members of our school community. The main strength of the school is a hard working, highly skilled and knowledgeable staff which is committed to enabling every child to achieve his/her full potential. The ethos of the school places equal emphasis on education and on care and the staff seek to develop a feeling of self worth and build self esteem through the provision of secure relationships  in highly structured and stimulating classroom environments.

In November 2007 we moved into our new, state of the art, school building. The governors and the school leadership team have placed much emphasis on ensuring that the school is resourced in a manner which will assist in equipping our children for life and learning in the twenty-first century.

The school realises the need to be an integral part of an inclusive education system and does this through its four outreach support services and through the provision of part time and one year pupil placements. 

The changes resulting from the introduction of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Order (SENDO), the consultation on the future of special education and the introduction of a revised Northern Ireland Curriculum mean that we have many challenges ahead.

The fact that we have drawn up a Strategic Plan, a programme for Continual Staff Development (CPD) and a School Improvement Plan leaves me in no doubt that, as a school community, we are more than well prepared to meet these challenges in a manner which always places the needs of the child first.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and that the information is beneficial and useful.